Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Forest Of Zoogs

"Threading now the low phosphorescent aisles between those gigantic trunks, Carter made fluttering sounds in the manner of the zoogs, and listened now and then for responses. He remembered one particular village of the creatures near the centre of the wood, where a circle of great mossy stones in what was once a clearing tells of older and more terrible dwellers long forgotten, and toward this spot he hastened. He traced his way by the grotesque fungi, which always seem better nourished as one approaches the dread circle where elder beings danced and sacrificed." – HPL, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Zoog. They live in the upper forests of Dreamland, near the Waking World.
"It was the zoogs, for one sees their weird eyes long before one can discern their small, slippery brown outlines." -- HPL, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

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