Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pennywise The Spider Clown

From Stephen King's 'IT,' Pennywise in partial spider form.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mount Ngranek

"And when he saw that crag he gasped and cried out aloud, and clutched at the jagged rock in awe; for the titan bulge had not stayed as earth’s dawn had shaped it, but gleamed red and stupendous in the sunset with the carved and polished features of a god.
Stern and terrible shone that face that the sunset lit with fire. How vast it was no mind can ever measure, but Carter knew at once that man could never have fashioned it. It was a god chiselled by the hands of the gods, and it looked down haughty and majestic upon the seeker. Rumour had said it was strange and not to be mistaken, and Carter saw that it was indeed so; for those long narrow eyes and long-lobed ears, and that thin nose and pointed chin, all spoke of a race that is not of men but of gods." - "The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath," H.P. Lovecraft

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Forest Of Zoogs

"Threading now the low phosphorescent aisles between those gigantic trunks, Carter made fluttering sounds in the manner of the zoogs, and listened now and then for responses. He remembered one particular village of the creatures near the centre of the wood, where a circle of great mossy stones in what was once a clearing tells of older and more terrible dwellers long forgotten, and toward this spot he hastened. He traced his way by the grotesque fungi, which always seem better nourished as one approaches the dread circle where elder beings danced and sacrificed." – HPL, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Zoog. They live in the upper forests of Dreamland, near the Waking World.
"It was the zoogs, for one sees their weird eyes long before one can discern their small, slippery brown outlines." -- HPL, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Strange Merchant in Dylath-Leen

"The strange merchant drank heavily, but smirked unchanged by the draught. Then he drew forth a curious bottle with wine of his own, and Carter saw that the bottle was a single hollowed ruby, grotesquely carved in patterns too fabulous to be comprehended. He offered his wine to his host, and though Carter took only the least sip, he felt the dizziness of space and the fever of unimagined jungles" - The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath

Monday, February 13, 2017


"...the mountainous monstrosity flopped down the slimy stones and hesitated floundering at the edge of the water."

Cthulhu Idol

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fantasy Fighting Airships

Some pencils for future pieces.

Nautilus Shrimp

What if there was a species of shrimp with limbs so jointed they were like tentacles?

Cthulhu in the Depths

Another quickie Photoshop illustration of the C-man. (from 2008)

Third update: better color:

Second update: went with single sigil:

Update: I colorized this today, and added my late friend Greg's sigil floating over his paws.

Hound of Tindalos

Update: total rework of image :

This was from H. P. Lovecraft stories, as elaborated by Brian Lumley in his Titus Crow novels.

Update: I added color:

Aerial Dreadnought

Sketch for new image. Here's my little descriptive blurb:

"What a ripping scene! Hull holed, dorsal vanes shredded, the RAS Recalcitrant emerges from the cloud wrack over the village of Much Nadderby to bravely reengage the invading Brungarian aerial dreadnoughts!"

OK, here's an image in progress... Still need to do foreground bad guy and village and landscape below.

Final image: (update, added aerial  shell bursts)

I added a second, larger airship in the background, the RAS Steerpike:

Skull Spider

I never really liked any of the skull spiders I've seen others do. No effort made to use real spider anatomy. I thought  this turned out nicely nasty. I love the eyes as 'teeth.'

Update 2: I added more babies to the original.

Update: I did this as a fake 'Chilling Tales' cover.

Pencil sketch: