Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ant Monastery Again

I want to write a story about these guys and their home.

So I see the little Ant Monastery as a future toy for the super rich. It is a self contained ecosystem with engineered plants, and ants that behave 'as if' sentient. The ants will build things if you feed them materials through the quantum entangled portal. 

The Ant Monastery is held in an impervious force field. These guys are far more sentient than the designers intended, and begin to tinker with the field machinery, which is embedded in the main rock. They learn to make the field opaque as desired to block the owner's looming face. The owner has, of course complained to the manufacturer. 

The ants also broke off the section of rock containing the portal, and let it fall into the water below, because the owner's malevolent little son kept feeding spiders and scorpions into their environment. Now anything nasty must cross the water, which is filled with voracious little fish. The ants can still reach the portal by using the little boat the owner once gave them on a whim. 

They have also learned to access other Ant Monasteries through the portal.

Update: More forest on top

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